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Our Clergy


Reverend Dr. Raymond G. Wilson is the twenty- fourth clergymen, seventh  and current rector to preside over the Parish of the Church of the Transfiguration.  


When a church celebrates its one hundred and twenty fifth anniversary, it is far from enough for us to say, "Happy Anniversary!" - as if reaching this age is merely a matter of good fortune. Rather, it is more appropriate to say, "Thanks be to God!" - for it is purely a blessing from God who in Expressive Being - Jesus Christ - is the head of the Church. It is in Him that we exist and have our being. If anyone should ponder the verity of God's providence, he or she would find the answer in the existence and life of His church.

The Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration, which celebrates its one hundred and twenty fifth year of service and ministry to those who seek the Trinitarian God, displays what may be defined as 'The Evolution of Consistency', a philosophical term which I have coined to express the oxymoronic evolving process of that which is unchangeable. Indeed, the church is unchangeable, yet in the permanence of her character, she must evolve in order to be relevant in a changing world - yet never so relevant as to distort the gospel to please the world which often is in opposition to the truth. The Transfiguration family, comprising Servant Leaders and Servant Laity, is caught up in this permanent yet ever changing service to those whom we have been called to serve. We have been doing so for a hundred and twenty-five years in a community which has evolved so much since the birth of the parish October 16, 1892.

Our journey continues with the same struggles we have always faced but invariably overcome - the financially flexuous roads of grim uncertainties at every tum; the steep, challenging hills and stygian valleys we must encounter or cross in order to execute that which Christ has called and sent us to do. But this is what makes the Church of The Transfiguration so special. An insipid, unchallenging ministry leads to level of complacency or state of quiescence that is worse than death. Our mission, our purpose, our life as a church, is joyful service to the community.

I thank God every day for calling and sending me to assume the post as Head Servant of this parish - to a people, a family whom I love dearly.  As long as we hold fast to the truth that God is in charge, that Christ is the Head, and that the Holy Spirit is our Guide, then Transfiguration Parish will reach another one hundred and twenty-five years of service to the community.  By then, we all shall have departed this life and shall have entered the eternal Kingdom prepared for us, but the church will continue and more souls will be saved and added to that kingdom  to  which we already shall have entered.



Raymond G. Wilson + Head Servant



In 1892 Episcopalians met at Raynor’s Hall, Merrick Road near Main Street, Freeport, NY to decide whether or not they should organize. The decision to organize lead to the formation of the Church of the Transfiguration, which held its first real service, October 16, 1892. The first service was held in Van Riper’s Hall on the west side of Main Street near where Sunrise Highway runs through today.

Women played an important role from the church’s inception, and have continued to play an important role in the life of the church. The St. Margaret’s Guild was organized- later to be reorganized in December 1893 as the Guild of the Transfiguration. This Guild raised funds and paid the sum of $100 for a Mission Site, purchased from the Freeport Land Company- 150 feet on South Long Beach Avenue and 140 feet on Pine Street. Randall and Miller built a House of Worship for $3500, completing it in July 1894. Transfiguration’s first parish house was completed in 1924 and on December 24, 1951, “Christmas Eve” the first service in the new and present church was held. The building which is currently known as the Education Building was opened on May 23, 1964 and dedicated by the Rt. Reverend Jonathan G. Sherman, Suffragan Bishop of Long Island.

Today, Episcopal Church Women (ECW), continue to play a vital role in the life of our parish and the church. The ECW is an active ministry supporting our spiritual life and growth. Since our Centennial celebration in 1992 the ECW has promoted fellowship activities through annual trips to far off places such as, Niagara Falls, Portland, ME and Nova Scotia, Lake George, Myrtle Beach, SC, Washington, DC, New Orleans, Montreal and most notably in 2001 a group of parishioners made a pilgrimage to Israel and Rome organized by the ECW.

In 1912 the original mission church became a self-supporting parish and was officially incorporated as “The Church of the Transfiguration of Freeport”.

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