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In our endeavor to respect the privacy of our contact persons, the general office number above (516) 379-1230 has been designated the contact access line. 

Please leave your name and telephone number, and the person with whom you wish to speak will be contacted. Subsequently, the contact person will return your call. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Parish Office (516) 379-1230                    Baptisms / Marriages/ Funerals/ Counseling

                                                                    Use of Parish Hall/ Appointments with the Rector


Mr. Keith Watson                                               Property/ Annual Fathers’ Day Cocktail Sip


Mrs. Patricia Froome

[Finance Committee Chairperson]                      Fundraising / Let Your Dollar Grow Project


Mrs. Jan Lashley [Treasurer]                              Financial Matters [Bills, Payroll]


Mr. Anthony Lashley / Mrs. Jean White             Columbarium


Mrs. Eleanor Fleming                                          Altar Guild (Memorials: Flowers, Wine &

                                                                                 Bread, Candles)


Reverend Raymond G. Wilson                            Adult Christian Education / Utopian Dramatists /

                                                                                 Global Outreach (Uganda Mission Project) /

                                                                                 Parish Newsletter/ Lay Eucharistic Ministry


Mrs. Valerie Chung                                              Fellowship (Contributions, Special celebrations

                                                                                  hosting Sunday Fellowship)       


Mrs. Darleyne Mayers                                          Tree of Life (Organ Memorial Fund)


Ms. Beverley Cox                                                 Acolyte Programs

Ms. Beverely Cox / Mr. Anthony Lashley           Youth Group (Harambee)


Ms. Genea Harewood                                           Liturgical Dance Ministry


Mrs. Rita Wallace                                                 Christian Education (Sunday School)


Mrs. Judith Feldman                                             St. Stephen’s Guild (Meal Preparation & Service                                                                                                  to the Freeport Inn)


Mrs. Roberta Aiken                                              Human Relations Committee                                

                                                                                  (Employment and ethical issues)


Mrs. June Watson                                                 Response [Stewardship] Committee (Pledge forms                                                                                             Envelopes / Pledge Statements)


Ms. Kyle Taylor                                                   Communication (Web-site)



Dr. Michelle Chester                                            St. Luke’s Ministry


Ms. Karen Taylor                                                 Seasoned Seniors) Senior’s Club

Mr. Kenneth Jones                                               St. Patrick’s Guild / The Fisherpersons’ Guild


Mr. Douglas Mayers                                            Ushers’ Guild


Mrs. Jean Chester                                                Special Fund Raising Committee

Mrs. Jan Carter-Hurst                                          Special Parish Catering Committee


Mr. Clifford Evans                                               Men’s Guild


Mr. Ian Findlay                                                    S. Shore Nursing Home Ministry


Ms. Avis Joseph                                                   Choir Membership/ Youth Choir/ Bell Choir

(Organist/Choir Director)


Mrs. Bernice Evans / Mrs. Margaret Sobers        Loving Hands Committee (Quilting / Knitting /

                                                                                   Crocheting etc)


Dr. Charles Harewood                                          Brotherhood of St. Andrew



Mr. Patricia Froome / Mrs. Jan Lashley               The Thrift Shop Committee





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