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The Cathedral of the Incarnation clergy ministered to our church while it was a Mission. During 1893, the Rev. Mr. MacComas was succeeded by the Rev. C. G. Adams, who remained a short time until the Rt. Rev. Abram N. Littlejohn, first Bishop of Long Island, appointed the  Rev.  Canon  Charles   H. Schultz.

Other  Priests-in  Charge,  named  by  the  Bishop  were  the  Rev. Canon Henry P. Bryan in 1894, the Rev. James R. Smith, first resident clergyman, in 1896, the Rev. Dr. Arthur Lowndes in 1899, the Rev. Pelham St. George Bissel in 1902 and the Rev. A. Carrington in 1910.

The Rev. Mr. Carrington became first Rector when we received a Certificate of Incorporation in 1912 as a self-sustaining congregation. Upon Mr. Carrington's resignation in February 1914, the Rev. J. Newton Perkins agreed to perform his duties on a temporary basis.


The Rev. Dr. Reginald Heber Scott became the second Rector in 1914 and retired in 1957. Dr. Scott served this parish faithfully and was well loved by people from all walks of life. He died  on February 12, 1959. He remains our longest serving rector, and the reredos at the altar was installed and dedicated to his memory a few years after his death.


The Rev. Robert H. Pierce became the third Rector in 1957, after serving as the first Curate un- der Dr. Scott. He founded the Day School which began with a nursery school and kindergarten, adding one grade yearly until it extended through the sixth grade. Father Pierce resigned in 1972. He is to be remembered not only for his ministry at the Church but served the community of Freeport in its civic and social activities.


The Rev. John T. Schnabel served as Curate and Associate Rector from 1958 - 1965. He served this parish well, especially his work with the young people. He resigned in 1965 to become Rector of All Saints Church in Richmond Hill, New  York.

The Rev. Charles A. Herrick became Assistant Minister on a part time schedule in October 1966.


The Rev. John M. Miller became full-time Curate in 1968 holding that  post  until his resignation in 1972.


The Rev. Marc Oliver served as Teacher/Chaplain of the Parish Day School in 1970. He also served as Supply Priest until the election of a new Rector. The Rev. Marc Oliver became the fourth Rector, starting his duties on December l, 1973 and was instituted January 20, 1974. The Rev. Marc Oliver resigned in 1985.


In September 1973, the Rev. Dr. William L. Wipfler, Mission Director of the Latin America Work Group, National Council of Churches, volunteered his services without compensation until 1986. He returned to the church on a non-stipendiary basis in 1992 and remained until his retirement.  To learn more about Father Wipfler's life click here for the You Tube Series. PRIEST & PROPHET  Life & Work of Rev  William Wipfler  Part 1  Family History


The Rev. Keith L. Ackerman (later Bishop of Quincy) became Curate in 1974 and served until 1977.


The Rev. Dennis J. Dunlap became Curate/School Teacher and served as Organist/Choirmaster  as well. He left in 1975, accepting a call to Ecuador.

The Rev. John E. Walker, 111 served as Curate from 1977-1978. The Rev. John Patrick Hunt served as Curate from 1980-1982.


The Rev. Henry A. Chan became the fifth Rector in 1986. He served as School Administrator in 1983 and Curate through 1986 before becoming Rector in 1986. He resigned in 1987.


The Rev. Daniel S. Harris became the sixth Rector in 1988. The Rev. Daniel Harris resigned in 1991.


The Rev. Anthony G. Miller served as Assistant from 1989-1991.


The  Rev.  Dr.  Raymond  G.  Wilson served  as Interim  beginning in September  1991.   He  was called as Transfiguration’s seventh and current Rector and was installed on October 3, 1992.

First Church Building

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